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Hi! I’m Derek.

I set up this website so I could share with you everything I know about Michael Fiore’s new program Text Your Ex Back.

I didn’t know initially how many people I would be able to help, but I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your kind words and encouragement. I feel like I’m making a difference.

I’ve had a very positive experience dealing with Michael and using his texting formulas, and I felt it was important to set up this website to share my insights and let others know what to expect from the program.

Inside the site, I’ll walk you through the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back PDF. My goal is to give you the information you need to decide whether or not the Text Your Ex Back ebook will work for you.  For a different perspective on the program, you can also check out the Text Your Ex Back review at Newspapercat.org.

If you have any questions as you browse through the site, please leave me a comment or contact me through the contact page. You can also check out the FAQ’s.

Michael’s program is great and gives you a terrific opportunity to get your ex back. I really hope it helps.

See you inside the site,
Derek Maak
Text Your Ex Back Michael Fiore

go to the text your ex back official siteThis Text Your Ex Back review website is intended to help you learn more about Michael Fiore’s program so you can decide if it’s a good fit for your relationship. If you’re already familiar with TXB and want to skip ahead, you can click here to go directly to the official Text Your Ex Back website.
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July 12, 2012 |

Michael Fiore Announces Text Your Ex Back 2.0

Some breaking news today. Michael Fiore announced the release of Text Your Ex Back 2.0. If you’ve been thinking about trying Text Your Ex Back, the system is now more advanced than ever and with Michael putting all the risk on himself for a full 60 days, it’s a great time to test drive his texting guide. Test drive Text Your Ex Back 2.0 here. All existing customers will be upgraded to the new program for free and will receive an email from Michael with access details. Michael has made some amazing changes and the new program bears only a small resemblance to its former self. Over the next few days I’ll be sharing...

May 3, 2012 |

Text Your Ex Back Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve received a lot of questions about Text Your Ex Back recently and it’s awesome to see such strong interest in the program. I’m really glad people are finding this site helpful and are having success using Michael Fiore’s text messages and texting techniques. To make things a little easier and to help you get answers to your questions a little faster, I’ve set up a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page below. It answers many of the most common questions I get about Michael Fiore’s Text Your Ex Back program. That way you won’t have to wait around to get a response from me. I do my best to answer every single email I...

April 15, 2012 |

Text Your Ex Back Video Review

In an effort to make this Text Your Ex Back Review website as detailed and as informative as possible, I’ve been breaking down Michael Fiore’s PDF piece by piece in multiple posts. I realize not everyone wants to read through multiple posts to get all the details (some of you may not want to read at all), so I decided to do something a little different today. This weekend I took some time and put together a Power Point review of the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program and then turned it into a video so you can just sit back, relax, and listen to me talk. It may not be as detailed...

April 12, 2012 |

More Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back Examples

A couple days ago I talked about some of the Michael Fiore text messages you’ll find inside the Text Your Ex Back program. These were… Across The Bow Texts Best Of The Relationship Texts Intimacy Booster Texts Today I’ll continue with that theme as I take a closer look at a couple other Text Your Ex Back examples called green eyed monster texts and emotional honesty texts. However, before I do that I thought I’d get a little “interactive” with this blog so I’ve posted a short video for you about 3 types of text messages you should never send to your ex. How many of them have you already sent? Before Michael Fiore...

April 9, 2012 |

A Review Of Michael Fiore Text Messages

In this part of my Text Your Ex Back review I’d like to take a closer look at the different kinds of Michael Fiore text messages you’ll be learning inside the program. Over the last few weeks many of you have been writing in with your questions or leaving comments and I encourage you to continue doing so. I’m doing my best to get back to everyone ASAP as I know getting your ex back isn’t something you want to sit around and worry about all day long. You can contact me through the contact page with any questions you may have about Text Your Ex Back, Michael Fiore, or anything really. I want...

January 4, 2012 |

Text Your Ex Back Review | Michael Fiore’s Text Methods

Many people have been anxiously awaiting the continuation of my Text Your Ex Back Review. I’ve been away for a bit due to the holidays, but I’m back now and don’t plan on letting anyone down, so let’s continue taking a closer look inside the Michael Fiore Text Your Ex Back program. For those of you who love to text, but are unfamiliar with the work of Michael Fiore, this should be some pretty eye-opening stuff. After all, Michael Fiore has risen to stardom by focusing on a niche most relationship experts tend to ignore or overlook as inconsequential and unimportant…that of text messaging. Besides Text Your Ex Back, Michael Fiore is also the...

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